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SASH is committed to protecting the rights of individuals receiving assistance from SASH. It is expected that all employees respect the rights, dignity and worth of all persons supported by SASH through their adherence to existing legislation and the Agency’s policies and procedures.  

The purpose of the Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol is to provide a policy framework

that identifies processes and accountability measures related to abuse prevention and response. Adherence to the Protocol is mandatory for all parties who are paid to provide PDD funded supports.  The expectations and processes to be followed are identified throughout this policy document.

SASH’s Support Plan Process outlines our outcomes based service delivery system which brings together person centered planning and individual support needs by identifying personal goals, desires of the individual, identifying support needs and specific strategies to meet and measure those goals.  The process will be positive and the choices and preferences of the individual and his/her family will be fundamental to the planning process. The Individual Support Plan (ISP) is the document that is developed as a result of the planning process, which details the services to be provided.

SASH is vitally interested in the health and safety of our employees, and has adopted these guidelines to ensure that our Health and Safety Committee (HSC) meets or exceeds compliance regulations regarding health and safety standards etc. The HSC will be committed to ensuring the safety of all employees, management, visitors, contractors and the general public. This will be accomplished through regularly scheduled meetings, inspections and suggestions for supervisors. The committee is not responsible for unsafe situations, but is responsible for providing suggestions to management so that management can ensure that unsafe situations are corrected.

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